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Interest. Contakt.

With Mozarter we create magical moments. Mozart Destinations impress with holistically thought-out, inspiring stories as places of experience for innovative concepts and dynamic spatial visions: an interplay of enjoyment, art and culture – analogue and digital. For us, the focus is on the interaction between people and culture. People and culture are closely linked. Culture refers to the way people live, work, communicate and create their environment. It also includes art, music, literature, language, religion and other aspects of human life. The culture of a people is an important part of its identity and history. Culture is everything that a community has created and developed over time. This includes their ideas, values, traditions and ways of life. Culture shapes how we live together and is passed on from generation to generation. It accompanies the change of a society, but also changes over time. It conveys values ​​that hold a community together. It promotes cohesion and cooperation between people. It creates a common identity. It promotes togetherness. ​ Therefore, we make sure that everything we do shows respect for this relationship. This applies to our commitment to offering the best quality coffee in the world and to the responsibility we show towards our guests and the communities we serve.

More Than Meets the Eye

In the Mozarter roasting houses, the magic of an opera production makes the room shine with all the attributes of the fine craftsmanship of a roasting house.​ In the evenings, the coffee is roasted on site, the coffee beans come out of the drum and the incomparable Mozarter Salzburg roastery blends are packaged - fresh for the next day. The smell of coffee fills the room: select coffees on the shelves, created by our roasting masters to meet the highest standards. In addition to the quality of the beans, the blend and roasting play an important role the decisive role for the characteristics. In music, the characteristics of the patitura are determined by the tempi. This is transferred to the product features.

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From among several offers, a customer always chooses the alternative from which they expect the greatest benefit and which they trust to act responsibly. The offer is therefore designed in such a way that it offers customers many advantages in terms of quality, price and service. Responsibility for culture and the environment is an original part of the Mozarter concept.

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