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Building developer Consulting | Evaluation | Marketing = one unit

Our partners are specialized in the planning, development and implementation of construction projects. A developer acts as an intermediary between builders and various construction companies, architects, engineers and other professionals needed for construction.


The tasks of a developer can be diverse. We support the developers.


1. Property search and valuation: Evaluate the search for suitable building plots and their potential.


2. Project planning and approval procedures: Help with the development of the construction project, including the planning of buildings, submission of building permits and other official approval procedures.


3. Construction: The monitoring and coordination of the actual construction phase.


4. Sale or rental: After completion of the construction project, Mozarter Real Estate successfully markets the real estate and mediates it to the buyers or tenants.


Overall, we support together with the developer to facilitate the construction process from planning to completion. | Tel.: 089-57930980

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