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Commercial/commercial properties

Commercial real estate define themselves as the place of institutional trading. This includes mail order business as well as (semi) stationary retail. The classic shops are just as much commercial properties as department stores, shopping centers and other shopping centers in common parlance.

Under  Commercial real estate This includes properties that are used commercially. The term commercial real estate encompasses very different objects. A distinction is made according to office properties, retail properties, social properties, etc.), location qualities or additionally according to the size of the property. This is common in the commercial real estate market. 

The realistic selling price is fundamental to the process. We offer you to evaluate your property. Our experts are certified and can draw on many years of experience. We would also be happy to use your existing report and check its plausibility.

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A shopping center is a commercial facility that combines various retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues and often services such as banks or pharmacies under one roof. These centers can be designed either in enclosed buildings or as open shopping centers.

Characteristics of a typical shopping center:

  • Variety of Stores: Malls typically offer a variety of stores and retailers from various industries, including clothing stores, electronics stores, grocery stores, bookstores, shoe stores, and more.

  • Dining options: Malls often house a selection of restaurants, cafes and food stalls offering visitors a variety of food and drinks.

  • Entertainment Options: Some shopping centers offer entertainment facilities such as cinemas, arcades, bowling alleys or indoor playgrounds for children.

  • Services: In addition to retail stores, many shopping centers also offer services such as banks, hairdressers, nail salons, pharmacies, post offices and dry cleaners.

  • Parking: Shopping centers often have sufficient parking spaces for visitors, either in the form of parking garages or outdoor parking spaces.

  • Events and Promotions: Some shopping centers regularly organize events, promotions or promotions to attract customers and improve the shopping experience.

Malls are not only places to shop but also serve as social gathering places where people can spend time with family and friends, eat, relax and enjoy their leisure time. They are an important part of the urban and suburban landscape and contribute to the economic development of a region.

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