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Culture as Heritage - Cultural Heritage

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Trust. Contact.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left us on December 5th, 1791.
And you know his name and can identify him exactly.


Almost everyone knows “The Magic Flute”, “A Little Night Music”, “The Marriage of Figaro” or “Don Giovanni”. His name and his achievement will forever be part of time.

He is not a thing of the past. He is present. He is with us and lives on.

The opera houses around the world, in Europe, America, Asia and Australia perform his pieces - past, present and future. He will remain unforgotten and among us.

How about you and your achievements not being forgotten?

How about knowing who you are, what you have done and how much you have contributed to culture and society?

  • You are looking for a contact person who can create a connection between you and the culture. 

  • You are looking for a contact person with whom you decide to be part of the culture. 

  • You are looking for a contact person who already has Mozarter in his name.


The issue of trust plays an important role in the context of inheritances and estates. When you leave an inheritance, you trust that the heirs will manage and distribute the assets according to the wishes and instructions of the deceased.

Here are some ways in which trust is relevant in the context of inheritance:

  1. Will: When someone leaves a will, they are trusting that the executor and heirs will respect and implement the instructions contained therein.

  2. Fiduciary responsibility: In some cases, a trustee is appointed to manage assets on behalf of beneficiaries until they can receive them. Trust in the trustee is crucial to ensuring that assets are properly managed and used for their intended purposes.

  3. Family Dynamics: Trust plays an essential role in family relationships related to inheritance. When family members don't trust each other, this can lead to conflict, especially when it comes to the distribution of assets.

Overall, trust is an essential component of a smooth and fair inheritance. When trust exists, the wishes of the deceased can be respected, family relationships can be strengthened, and potential conflicts can be minimized.

Our claim

The claim

01. Cohesion

Assets that are passed down from generation to generation can preserve cultural and traditional aspects of a community. This can strengthen cohesion and create identity by passing on historical values and customs over time.


03. Responsibility

Inheriting wealth always brings with it responsibility.

We are committed to using the assets in a sustainable manner and protecting the interests specified by you.

Personal issue

05. Regulation

The topic of inheritance and will involves many questions and formalities as well as the place of storage. We would be happy to work with your inheritance law attorney or your notary to your satisfaction.

Culture, the bridge

02. The bridge to culture

You have an idea, an inspiration, a message that you want to see implemented. Culture is your claim. You work purposefully and want your legacy to be used in a targeted manner, in your memory. Regardless of whether in Germany, in European countries or on the way to other continents. We support you. 

Framework conditions

04. Planning for the estate

Through clear estate planning, legal framework conditions and consideration of needs, we work with you to ensure that inheritance has a positive impact.


06. Cooperation

You have a lawyer for inheritance law, a notary. We look forward to contacting you. You have a request for us and our inheritance law lawyers or notaries.
Your idea and your message are the core of action.

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