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We revive classic recipes and baking traditions, creating products that are unique and wonderful. You can watch the bakers from the sales room:

Work up the dough, weigh it out, fill it into the molds and bake until crispy.

All ingredients are organic and processed sustainably.
Mozarter bread comes out of the oven with a crispy crust, sweet braids, Mozarter pretzels and pastries with deliciously delicate fillings.

On the walls: recipes and poems
And in the Mozarter Library corner: reading pleasure to discover.

We call this: The new generation of the German-Austrian baking tradition

Take a Look

A good bread is characterized by many factors, among others:

  • Odor:
    A good bread smells pleasant and, depending on the type, from fruity to spicy, mild to slightly sour.

  • Taste:
    The bread also tastes good without any spread or toppings. Good bread not only tastes fresh, but also after a few days of storage.

  • Crust and crumb:
    The crust should be crispy. The interaction of crispy crust and loose, juicy crumb makes bread perfect.

  • Quality: 
    The bread consists of 
    high-quality, unprocessed ingredients. 

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