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Mozarter Real Estate


Mozarter Real Estate is the interface for the brokerage of real estate of all kinds. The company also promotes Mozarter's own projects, with style and etiquette, for example 'Mozarter-The Roastery' and 'Mozarter-The Bakery', and at the same time acts as Promoter of culture.


Tel. +49 (0)89 57 930 980

What do real estate and culture have in common?

Both are important components of our daily life and influence us in many ways.

Both real estate and culture can help define our identity. Our homes and apartments often reflect our personality and lifestyle, while our cultural beliefs and practices can help us identify with others and create a common identity.


Real estate and culture can also reflect our values. For example, by buying an environmentally friendly property, we can express our appreciation for sustainability and environmental protection. Likewise, our cultural beliefs and practices can reflect our values and beliefs.


Real estate and culture often have a long history and can tell us a lot about the past. Historical buildings and sites give us insights into the architecture and life of bygone times, while cultural traditions and customs help us to better understand our roots and history.


Both real estate and culture can help to create and strengthen communities. Our houses and apartments can give us a sense of belonging and community, while cultural events and activities can help us connect with others and make friends.

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