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Mozarter Real Estate
Think Tank


The Mozarter Real Estate Think Tank is a creative team used for real estate by sellers and/or buyers or communities to implement innovation and collaborative idea development. Our think tank is both physical and virtual and serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, the generation of new concepts, of creativity and the implementation of the solution.


The implementation of ideas is carried out in a structured framework that includes various creative techniques and processes to promote the creativity and problem-solving ability of the participants.


These can include:


1. Brainstorming sessions: A group of participants work together to spontaneously generate ideas on a specific topic.


2. Design Thinking: A collaborative approach to problem solving that focuses on the needs of users and uses iterative processes for idea development.


3. Prototyping: The creation of simple models or prototypes to visualize and test ideas.


4. Hackathons: Intensive events where developers, designers and other professionals come together to develop innovative solutions within a short time.


5. Idea competitions: An event where people or teams present their ideas and compete for prizes or recognition.


The Mozart Real Estate Think Tank helps to stimulate the creativity of the participants, to gain new perspectives and to find innovative solutions to complex problems. It is particularly popular in companies, cities with a portfolio, that are looking for new products, services or business models to stay competitive and develop.

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