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Mozarter Kugel - Früchtetraum

Delicious Chocolates for any Taste


The creamy filling with a content of over 12
high-quality cream is rounded off with finest vanilla
and forms one half of this truffle composition.
The other half is dominated by refined raspberry puree
in a delicate cream.


Here the full-bodied taste of ripe strawberries meets
to the sparkling aroma of real Marc de Champagne.
A fruity and sparkling seduction.


The unmistakable taste of selected raspberries
gives this truffle its fruity sweet note. Combined
with delicate cream and a special shot
Raspberry spirit creates a fruity taste experience.

Mozarter Kugel - Kaffehaus Klassik

Experience a touch of Coffee House Culture

braun background.jpg

The delicate truffle cream in the core gets its tart note from the use of strong roasted coffee.
A crunchy dark chocolate coating, sprinkled with fine coffee powder, rounds off this creation.


Finest noble cherry liqueur, captured in a delicate truffle cream and coated in high-quality white chocolate, lets a real classic shine in a new light.


A popular classic that combines the extraordinary aroma of roasted beans and delicate cream with the taste of Ireland.
Enjoy the extraordinary composition of an intense coffee experience.

Mozarter Taler

Best Chocolates from all over the World

 with 34% Cocoa

The cocoa for this fine chocolate is harvested on a plantation in southeastern Java. The particularly fertile lava soil is an ideal base.

 with 38% Cocoa


A fine milk chocolate, made from fine Costa Rican cocoa, with a mocha and olive note.

with 43% Cocoa

A spicy fine milk chocolate, made with cocoa from Venezuela, with a strong note.

with 52% Cocoa

Fine dark chocolate, produced using high quality Ecuadorian cocoa with the finest melting.

with 71% Cocoa

The cocoa of this fine dark chocolate with a high percentage of tanning agents, thrives in a traditional growing area in the Dominican Republic.

with 85% Cocoa

Dark chocolate with a high percentage of high quality Ghana cocoa and low sugar content with a fine spicy chocolate taste.

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